Good News Or Bad News? What is the difference?

Ever had someone give you bad news? You might be able to get good news. Are you wondering what the difference is?

Good news: Information or stuff that makes us happy, contented.

Bad news: The opposite.

There is no good or bad news. Read on.

Did you ever get bad news that turned out to be better or worse than you had expected? Are you a recipient of good news that turned out to not be so good over time?

All four of them have been my personal experience.

This was good news.

Bad news.

I received some good news, but it turned out to be terrible.

Bad news that I thought was terrible turned out to be a blessing.

Still confused? I’m sure you are. I discovered that sometimes bad news for one person could be perceived to be good news for another, and that positive news for one person over time may be perceived to be bad.

Confused? Let me explain.

It’s news. In the end, it’s news. But what makes it good, bad, or neutral? Not the news itself. But how we perceive, judge, evaluate, or react to it.

It is possible to see bad news as good, but how can one perceive it? Or vice versa, how could someone see good news as bad?

In short, we all have our own unique histories, experiences, beliefs, and values. As a result, we never see the same thing or situation in the exact same way.

If someone is anxious, negative, pessimistic, or worried, they might view a delay as unacceptable. However, someone who understands the concept that there are some things we can control and others we cannot, may see it as a problem.

Everything that happens is what it is. What we do, however, is interpret it based on our goals, needs, or mindsets. All of these are unique to us.

Let me share a few of my personal examples. If you are open to considering the explanation, even if your circumstances may be different, I guarantee you’ll find something you can relate to.

Before starting my speaking and training career, i was a sales manager at a national organization. My story is long, but the short version is that my boss, the president, had an issue with me and fired me. It’s bad news. This was the only thing I needed to know to start a career that has been over 40 years. It has allowed me travel around the globe (25 countries), and to work with incredible clients and audiences. The good news outweighed the bad.

Another quick one.

Many years ago, I proposed to my wife. She said yes. You are right, good news. (Please no judgements). After doing my best for fifteen years, it became clear that it was time for me to say goodbye. The truth is that my self-esteem and confidence were slowly being eroded by the relationship. It was a bad fit and it was making me unhappy. We parted with amicable – but we parted. Good news, I was able to regain everything I had lost emotionally and spiritually over time.