Coping with Investment Fraud

Investment fraud, also known as brokerage fraud, is when an advisor, brokerage firm or stockbroker gives advice to clients that are not in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations. Avoid falling prey to fraudsters. This article will explain how to avoid being a victim of investment fraudsters. If you need a trusted lawyer to help secure or lose your investment, you can find experienced lawyers on Haselkorn & Thibaut

Investment fraudsters tend to target seniors, unfortunately. Most senior citizens have the traits that fraudsters are looking for. These may include large savings accounts and a tendency to trust more easily. You should be more cautious if your age falls within this category. If you are not an expert on the stock market, avoid misleading brokers.

If you don’t have a trusted lawyer, you should not sign any document. You should always do your research before you hire a lawyer.

A smart move could be to pay attention to and fully understand all documents, including terms and conditions and policies.

Most fraudulent companies use the fine print and agreements of their contracts to deceive customers. The most common investment fraudsters’ tricks are the so-called “Prime Bank Instruments.” They use the names of high-status and world-famous banks to convince you to invest your money. They make it seem like they are trying to pool your money with that of other investors. In the beginning, they might try to take your money by promising you high returns. They then ask you to invest more and share it with your friends. The’returns” they offer are, in fact, money from their victims. After a couple of buncos, they’ll take your entire money.

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